Case Studies

The Dance Academy

Dance Studio

Feedback: “Thank you for our beautiful website, excellent service and professional quality! I never would have believe that our business could grow and flourish like this. We are opening two new locations now, and our updated online presence is making all of that possible. I highly recommend any business to work with Aleo”

– Jill Trane, The Dance Academy | Owner

The Dance Academy is the premier dance studio in Lehi, Utah. They offer a variety of open classes for dancers of all ages, as well as competitive teams who consistently win tournaments throughout the state.

Goals: Existing website and hosting setup both in need of major changes. Wanting a more dynamic and professional website that emphasizes the brand, in preparation for expanding the business. New site also needs to integrate existing scheduling and payment systems.

Services: Major website redesign, hosting migration, new custom email addresses, Google reviews service, ongoing SEO campaign

Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Notable Results:

  • Over 250% increase in overall traffic to the site
  • Increased contact from prospective customers through the site
  • Increased student enrollments
  • Decreased spam messages
  • Improved google search appearance
  • SEO Result number one
  • SEO Result number two
  • 350+ New google reviews in 6 months from happy customers
  • 4.9 Star ranking on Google